The Palmetto School at The Children’s Attention Home

The Palmetto School Mission is to provide individualized education in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes academic and personal growth as well as career and college readiness for at-risk youth who are facing adverse challenges

The Palmetto School staff is now on limited hours until
further notice. Our school will remain on a closed status until
the governor lifts the COVID-19 mandatory shut down. Please feel free to send an email or leave a message at our school office,
Thank you.
Please Note:
We are taking many precautions to help stop the spread of sickness here at The Palmetto School. The school is sanitized daily and is also sanitized throughout the day. Students have access to antibacterial soap in the bathrooms and hand sanitizer is available in the classrooms and throughout the school. In addition, any staff member or students who is sick is to stay at home and is advised to seek medical attention. We will keep you updated on any news that may come from the district or other state agencies.

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Rock Hill Schools- Charter Sponsor of the Year!!